By His Hand

By His Hand

Be still to watch the Hand of the Lord, as our ways are not ignored,
By Jesus Christ, throned high above, any trial, which you speak of;
There is purpose in our trials friend, as many will see come the end,
When in Christ you take your stand, as He guides us with His Hand.

God’s Hand held up high, shall guide, all those who in Christ abide,
As Believers wait upon The Lord, His Grace, down on us is poured,
Filling us with peace, from up above, as God guides is in His Love,
With His Purpose above our ways, as Christ guides us all our days.

God has His Uplifted Hand, raised to guide us in ways He planned,
Planned before we were on earth, even well before our natural birth,
Friend, even when we lived in sin, well before, any thoughts of Him,
God’s Plan led us to Jesus Christ, to receive from Him Eternal Life.

God’s Hand indeed guides all of us, all who belong to Christ Jesus,
He Who redeemed us from the fall, daily guides and protects us all,
God guides us on a path of Grace, as we learn to seek Gods Face,
For God’s Will shall surely be done, as we’re led by Christ, His Son.

By His Hand, He will take us home, where we’ll gather at His Throne,
High above all the earthly clouds, gathered round Heavenly Crowds,
As we join God’s Heavenly Throng, we shall join in praise and song,
To our Lord God through eternity, for all He’s done, for you and me.

(Copyright ©05/2011 Bob Gotti)

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