A Day Of Prayer

A Day Of Prayer

We have called for a day of prayer, for men and women everywhere,
A day when the Creator is implored, by all those who know The Lord,
For intervention from God’s Right Hand, for our troubled, weary land,
The intervention of Jesus Christ, The Author of Salvation and our life.

As a nation we’ve fallen far away, from God, Who men seek this day,
Praying with hope and expectation, for a land, apart from Revelation,
Apart from the one believers cherish; without Truth a land shall perish.
So our urgent need, I say with a nod, is for this land to return to God.

The Lord God may not heal this land, but, our Lord can help us stand,
All those, who are part of His Mission, to stand against all opposition,
Those opposed to all moral principle, who want no part of God’s Will,
For all must embrace God’s Truth, to avoid God’s Righteous Reproof.

Our prayers must be for individuals, those mislead by darkened fools,
The fools, who say there is no God, over this nation, that we now trod,
For God indeed now reigns above, every darkened land that’s void of,
The Lord God’s Holy Revelation, with many souls in need of Salvation.

So men, who are called by God’s Son, must pray to God for everyone.
For those who are not born again, that God will touch the heart of men,
Changing the hearts within our nation; turning men to God’s Revelation,
So that we could again be a land, blessed and moved, by God’s Hand.

(Copyright ©05/2011 Bob Gotti)

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