Trust In God

Trust In God

God in His Word is so clear; so why do will fill our hearts with fear?
Moving our thoughts into tomorrow; what may bring pain or sorrow,
While thinking about what may be, focusing on what we cannot see;
God is clear, we must understand, and live this present day at hand.

So much time in worry we spend, about what you can’t know friend,
Instead, to God’s Word we must go, to lean on Truths that we know,
To visit promises from The Lord, promises that at times go ignored,
God’s Promises that will uphold us, when in God, we place our trust.

For today can be a struggle in itself, so we rely on Scriptural Wealth,
A wealth of promises, to all of us, those who belong to Christ Jesus,
Who’s surely a promise keeping God, this I say with an assuring nod,
All the promises that He must keep, are promises, which we can reap.

Through God’s Word, we can learn, God takes care of every concern,
And The Lord is faithful to uphold, the many promises that we’re told,
Providing strength, so we can face, all of the trials, all along our race,
In the present race that we call life, strengthened through Jesus Christ.

The Lord promises us His Peace, which from Christ, shall never cease,
With God’s peace and God’s care, just why would we fall into despair?
This is caused through worry in part, as our thoughts from God depart,
So why not depart from anxiety, to simply trust in The God of Eternity.

(Copyright ©04/2011 Bob Gotti)

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