For God’s Service

For God’s Service

For God’s Service, we are fit, when filled with God’s Holy Spirit,
Given power directly from Christ, as God works through our life,
Controlling all we do and say, when we abide in Him day to day,
Serving Christ, our Glorious King, the one controlling everything.

With Christ in complete control, He leads in tasks, big and small,
Tasks that we wouldn’t have done, if we did not know God’s Son,
But He leads us each day and hour, guided by His Spirit’s power,
To faithfully serve Christ above, sharing His Goodness and Love.

Witnesses for the One we serve, with blessings we don’t deserve,
As God saved us from a former life, to walk anew, in Jesus Christ,
We serve and love Christ Jesus, because God first loved all of us,
Even before we thought of Him, God’s Love saved us from all sin.

Serving Christ is an honor friend, service for The King with no end,
Service for Christ for all eternity, since God first loved you and me,
It is an honor, but it’s an obligation, to reach for Christ every nation,
With His Salvation, that all men need, whether or not, they do heed.

It is God’s Spirit that leads the way, bearing our witness day to day,
Opening up doors and other ways, to share Christ, to God’s Praise,
Using all us through various means, as seeds, He sows and gleans,
As The Holy Spirit continues to use, all of us to spread Good News.

(Copyright ©04/2011 Bob Gotti)

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