They Care Not

They Care Not

There seems to be everywhere, intelligent people who don’t care,
About things of God we cherish; thought of God they just perish,
When speaking of God, they just sigh, as their Creator they deny,
Indifferent to the things of God, ending talk with a confident nod.

Whether for God, they’ve no time, or He never crosses their mind,
What all need to understand, their departure could be well at hand,
Departure from this temporal earth, without the Lord and new birth,
Means an eternity of darkness friend, as this life comes to an end.

Some people seem so far away, as words of God we have to say,
With intelligent people so aloof, even with all that unspoken proof,
While their words deny our Lord, not to mention, He goes ignored,
As they live out their daily life, there is no mention of Jesus Christ.

It’s not only men we pass each day, who may think the wrong way,
But, it’s our friends and family, who sigh at any talk about eternity;
The Lord our God they don’t need, so God’s Truth they don’t read,
Ignoring all Truth, revealed to us, they share not our hope in Jesus.

So we must give them over to, God, who saved both me and you,
We must leave them to The One, Who sent salvation for everyone,
The Only One, Who really can, change the hearts of wayward men,
Drawing them to that path in life, where they’ll accept Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©04/2011 Bob Gotti)

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