Demeaning God

Demeaning God

Mother Nature and Father Time, are wacky forces of man’s design,
By fallen man as a substitute, for God as an unbelievable resolute;
We can’t forget Old Man Winter; he is one more deceptive splinter,
In that spiritual coffin they make, when The Lord God they forsake.

Warm and fuzzy terms conceived, for a God they haven’t believed,
The created forces in their mind, as they shove the Creator behind,
Left behind and forgotten by men, whose ideas God will condemn,
Thinking that Satan has conceived, so those men will be deceived.

It is just what Satan wants to see, throughout all of fallen humanity,
Mankind dismissing God above, replaced by images they think of,
Perpetuating a vain, humanist view, of everything that God can do,
Acting as if God does not exist, while in their unbelief they persist.

Thinking that God can be ignored, no thought is given to our Lord,
Regarding God, their thoughtlessness, reflects spiritual ignorance,
As they report to understand, but, never acknowledge God’s hand,
In the things He controls each day, reflected in the words they say.

From God, there’ll be recompense, for mankind’s willful ignorance,
Reducing powers of God down to, Mother Nature’s fictitious Crew,
When Christ shows himself to all, unbelievers, those big and small,
All, who reduce the power of God, will be reduced by Christ’s Rod.

(Copyright ©04/2011 Bob Gotti)

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