Beginning In The Heart

The Word of God

Beginning In The Heart

Salvation begins in the heart first, despite how well you’re versed,
In the Eternal Word of God, you must answer with a heartfelt nod;
Before you confess with your lips, The Truth is what a heart grips,
For with your heart you’re justified, by The Lord, Who for us died.

With the mouth confession’s made, to Truth on a heart, that’s laid,
God’s Truth that can’t be ignored, that God raised Christ our Lord;
Although He died, in your stead, God raised Christ from the dead,
Though spiritually we are depraved, with confession we are saved.

When in our heart we truly believe, God’s Salvation we will receive,
Saved from His penalty for sin, through that finished work by Him,
The finished work of Jesus Christ, Who died to give us eternal life,
With His salvation you’re assured, sealed by the Spirit of The Lord,

Though we were a spiritual mess, The Lord’s Salvation we confess,
When God’s Spirit brings to light, God redeemed us from the night,
We confess as Lord, Christ Jesus, Who died and rose for all of us,
Now in His Salvation we rejoice, praising God, with heart and voice.

When in our Lord we now abide, His Salvation Truth we cannot hide,
Remembering that it is our duty too, to voice Truth to folks like you,
Men who have yet not believed, lest by Satan they will be deceived,
Instead you can confess Jesus Christ, and too, receive Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©03/2011 Bob Gotti)

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