God Is Real

The Word of God

God Is Real

God is real, but you don’t believe, as Satan wants to only deceive,
For Satan is real and so is Hell, his future state, not just for a spell,
Forever in the fire’s where he will be, in those flames for all eternity,
Where fires are never quenched, as Satan will be eternally benched.

All those who Satan shall deceive, judgment too, they shall receive,
And this because of their unbelief, to finish in a place with no relief;
Yes, God is a God of Love, but, must be true to what is spoken of,
Word’s recorded within His Word, Truths, I’m sure that you’ve heard.

For God sent His Only Son to die, to provide salvation to you and I,
To save us from sin’s dreaded curse; the judgment of, will be worse,
And Satan, God’s eternal enemy, only wants to deceive you and me,
For knowing his end, his only desire, is to see you in the lake of fire.

That curse began with Adam and Eve, as Satan slithered to deceive,
So to turn their trust away from God, with his cunning deceptive nod,
“God did not say” he uttered to Eve, so his words she would believe,
When she was deceived Paradise, became cursed with sin and strife.

But, God sent to the world His Son, to provide salvation to everyone,
To offer in place of sin and strife, for all, through Jesus, Eternal Life;
But, this Truth you can only conceive, when in God, you truly believe,
And He brings you into His Family, to live with Him now and eternally.

(Copyright ©03/2011 Bob Gotti)

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