In His Will

In His Will

Whatever should happen today, to me, along my present way,
While I am on this earthly sod, upon the path planned by God;
When you look behind my story, it is for God’s ultimate Glory,
While I live out all my earthly days, I give to God all the praise.

Whether there’s sunshine or rain, God is with me in joy or pain,
Suffering God may well prescribe, but in my Lord I shall abide,
I may even need to take a bitter pill, as God works out His Will,
But the bad taste won’t remain, as God’s Joy outlasts the pain.

All pain and frustration I can bear, because I know God is there,
For God is with me at every step, while in His Grace, I am kept.
Being kept through every fiery trial, for He’s my God, no denial,
And He will be with me to the end; Jesus Christ, my best friend.

Whatever His Will, it’ll be done, and I will just follow God’s Son,
Who always goes ahead of me, on my journey towards eternity;
Christ showed us real sacrifice, when He paid the ultimate price,
To place me where I am today, upon that Christ led Narrow Way.

Being in God’s Will, you will find, in any place, a peace of mind,
In His Will, is the very best place, being sustained by His Grace,
As His hand leads you along, while He fills your heart with song,
For knowing the last stop will be, your home in Heaven eternally.

(Copyright ©03/2011 Bob Gotti)

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