Contend For The Faith


Contend For The Faith

Many Truths jump from God’s Word, many Truths that need to be heard,
God’s Truths about salvation of men, and how they must be Born Again,
However, many people just cry foul, and irritably exclaim, why and how?
Just why is it that you continue to say, to Heaven there is only one way?
And how can you simply proclaim, salvation is found in only one name?

That Name under Heaven is only One, that Name belongs to God’s Son,
His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, Author and Provider of Eternal Life,
The only man to ever die for us all, to redeem all souls from Adam’s fall,
The only One to pay an eternal price, affording all men to enter Paradise,
Provided for all by The Great “I AM”; Jesus Christ, God’s Spotless Lamb.

Religion in the world plays a part, but God’s full Truth they do not impart,
God’s unchanging Truth of Salvation, found in God’s inspired Revelation,
From the very words of God’s Son, came His Eternal Truths to everyone,
That is for everyone upon this earth, so that all can experience New Birth,
A spiritual birth from the Spirit above, in accord with all Christ speaks of.

As His believers we can’t afford, to compromise the Gospel of our Lord,
For any other gospel apart from His, is surely a gospel that’s truly amiss,
All who embrace it miss the mark, following those shepherds of the dark,
So we must preach only God’s Truth, with the Holy Bible being our proof,
That all people need to believe in Christ, to receive from God Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©03/2011 Bob Gotti)

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