Serving Other Gods

Serving Other Gods

Many gods of a darker realm, throughout the world overwhelm,
The minds of men and their faith, as God’s Truths they replace,
With doctrine, of their decisions, men create their own religions,
Following not God’s, but man’s will, religious desires they fulfill.

One Creator but man’s many gods, from pious deceptive nods,
Man’s attempt to reach God above, by the ways men dream of,
New religious ways perceived, through vain thoughts conceived,
Man’s polluted way to reach Heaven, tainted by religious leaven.

Religious and very arrogant men, who’ve never been born again,
From above, of the Spirit of God; they follow spirits of this sod,
Those spirits of a darker kind, that deceives their heart and mind,
Satan appears as an angel of light, leading all into spiritual night.

Turning away from God’s decrees, they create darkened heresies,
Changing Truth to their shame, as God Himself remains the same,
Turning many from Truth they need, as they become Satan’s lead,
Leading souls from God’s Truth, for this, they will see His reproof.

Not only for distorting God’s Word, but, because souls they herd,
Leading them down a broad path, heading directly to God’s Wrath,
Denying the finished work of Christ, leading them from eternal life,
Being used for Satan’s seduction; distorting Truth unto destruction.

(Copyright ©03/2011 Bob Gotti)

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