Blessings To Heed

Blessings To Heed

What a Blessed thing indeed, to hear God’s Word and to heed,
Many Awesome Truths of God, wherever you do presently trod,
The Truth of God that sets you free, is available to you and me,
And The Holy Spirit I received, when His Saving Truth I believed.

God’s Truths will guide us then, when we indeed are Born Again,
As we heed The Word spoken of, we’re Born Again from above,
Given on earth, a brand-new life, through The Lord, Jesus Christ,
New Life, that includes Eternity, provided for us through Calvary.

Then as we walk in God’s Truth, we become God’s Living Proof,
That God indeed changes men, when in Christ we’re Born Again,
Allowing us live beyond this world, as God’s Truths are unfurled,
His Truths about eternal things, when True Light His Spirit brings.

Blessings begin coming our way, as we walk with Him every day,
Blessings that will truly flow, when in The Word we begin to grow,
When hiding His Word in our heart, God’s peace shall not depart,
Even when uncertainty appears, the Word of God calms all fears.

Earthly comfort’s fleeting friend, but, God’s blessings never end,
Promises in God’s Word you’ll see, will carry well on into Eternity,
As you heed the words of Christ, and let God’s Word fill your life,
God will fill you with His Love, preparing you for blessings above.

(Copyright ©02/2011)

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