Affiliation Or Salvation

Affiliation Or Salvation

Many Organizations have raved, through them, men must be saved,
Through their ways and their belief, only can one find spiritual relief,
To be saved from sin’s awful curse, but, their beliefs lead to worse,
Pulling men away from God’s Truth, leading them to eternal reproof.

There’re many religious organizations, with a multitude of salvations,
All of them proclaiming to have the way, to reach Heaven in our day,
Through the salvations they arrange, many Truths these men change,
Ignoring much of God’s Revelation, as they produce a new salvation.

These organizations lead souls astray, upon a religious, broader way,
Drawing upon their own deduction, they just lead men to destruction,
In many ways these men have erred, leading men far from The Word,
Far from The Eternal Word of Life, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,

Many have traded in God’s Salvation, for a fuzzy, religious affiliation,
Falling far from the only true Gospel, that Jesus Christ came to fulfill;
In their gospel they have diminished, those three words “it is finished.”
Spoken by Jesus Christ at Calvary, when God had saved you and me.

Religion isn’t how The Lord saves us, but, we’re saved in Christ Jesus,
As He is The Only Way, Truth and Life, in a world where religion is rife,
So one must be upon that narrow path, to avoid destruction and wrath,
Searching you’ll find there’s only One, Jesus Christ, God’s Eternal Son.

(Copyright ©02/2011)

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