All That’s Needed

All That’s Needed

I do not need any external relief, I just need to live out my belief,
Belief that goes beyond salvation, as I lean on God’s Revelation,
While things change and surely will, I need to let my heart be still,
Knowing my Lord is God over all, ordering events, big and small.

I know not what’s down the road, but, alone I don’t carry the load,
Following God, the burden’s light, even through the darkest night,
Never knowing what may be ahead, I depend on my Lord instead,
Who, through His Word is my guide, walking faithfully at my side.

The faith that I have in Jesus Christ, not only gives me eternal life,
For along with that blessed hope, God gives me strength to cope,
With unwanted trials that appear, on my earthly journey down here,
And with my eyes upon The Lord, plenty of grace, God will afford.

My friend, as I live out my faith, God provides me sufficient grace,
As my Lord leads me in this life, He comforts me in times of strife,
Upholding me in the deepest grief, as I firmly hold close my belief,
Not just my faith, but Jesus Christ, who had paid the ultimate price.

God’s Word lights my path each day, as I journey life’s narrow way,
With His Word hidden in my heart, God’s Truth each day has a part,
Directing each and every thought, as His Truth in my life is wrought,
Placing me on a Firm Foundation, through my faith in His Salvation.

(Copyright ©01/2011 Bob Gotti)

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