What Must God Think?

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What Must God Think?

It blows my mind, what must it do, to the One Who died for me and you?
Christ, Who died for all this earth, so that man, could have Eternal worth,
What is the thought of The Lord, when Salvation by many goes ignored?
By the many among The Lord’s elect, when His Saving Truth, they reject!

Do those many souls, really understand, the Truth of the matter at hand?
God’s Truth of Eternal Death and Life, when accepting or rejecting Christ;
Dismissing God’s plan of salvation, God’s way provided to every nation,
So that mortal sinners, like you and me, could live with The Lord eternally.

The Lord God’s patient in every way, with His Salvation open to all today,
In this present age that we call Grace, if only people would seek His face,
But soon this age of Grace will end, and you decide where you will spend,
Eternity, when this age is over and done, apart from God, or with His Son.

My friend, it was never God’s desire, for man to perish in the Lake of Fire,
But that every lost soul would repent, to embrace His Son, whom He sent,
And to acknowledge God’s Sacrifice, to enter instead, Heaven’s Paradise,
So why do many refuse to believe, when Eternal Life is what they receive?

As lost sinners, every soul needs to see, with a Holy God, we’re at enmity,
And with death the wages for our sin, God’s Eternal Son was sent by Him,
The Only One, who could pay the price, to be for man, a perfect Sacrifice,
So all could be at peace with The Creator, and live forever with our Savior.

(Copyright ©01/2011)

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