Gatherings By God

The Nation Israel

Soon God shall gather His Bride, all Believers, for who Christ died,

Greeting His Church in the clouds, gathered with Heavenly Crowds,

When Jesus Christ returns again, to receive all who are Born Again,

When gathered to begin Eternal Life, with their Savior, Jesus Christ.

Then God will gather all, not some, of the nations, up to Jerusalem,

Where all nations we see His Hand, against all who parted His Land.

When final judgment shall be poured, upon all nations, by The Lord,

And so all nations will understand, to Israel, belongs The Holy Land.

God shall then regather tiny Israel, as His prophesies He does fulfill,

Gathering His elect out of every nation, with Christ as their salvation,

For in God’s Palm they are engraved, so all of Israel shall be saved.

Gathered and placed by God’s Hand, back into The Promised Land.

Then God will gather all nations as one, under Jesus Christ, His Son,

The Reign of Christ will never cease, as He brings everlasting peace,

Not just to some, but to all the world, as God’s Kingdom is unfurled,

To every tribe, tongue and nation, that accepts, Messiah’s Salvation.

Today the choice belongs to you, whether you’re a Gentile or a Jew,

For all will be gathered by The Lord, God’s Word cannot be ignored;

Be gathered for judgment to death, before or after your final breath,

Or be gathered unto Jesus Christ, to enter with Him into Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©07/2010)

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