Time To Choose

The Word of God

You can choose Christ today, no matter what others may say,

As your Savior and your Lord, while God, by many is ignored;

As a soul, lost and depraved, choose The Lord and be saved,

Every knee will one day bow, but, you can have salvation now.

Just accept all God has done, and you will then know His Son,

Listen not to others who scoff, as you look to Calvary’s Cross,

Where Christ Jesus died for all, to redeem us from Adam’s fall,

Which tainted every soul within, because of Adam’s original sin.

Every man shall be accountable, yes, even the unbelieving fool,

Liable to The Lord and Creator, Who’s also my God and Savior;

The sin that depraved all men, my Lord and God shall condemn,

And only when men trust in Him, are they pardoned, for their sin.

Be not only pardoned, but receive, eternal life when you believe,

Since all our sin Christ died for, to open for men Heaven’s Door,

The Door which you can enter in, if you’re washed of all your sin,

Being cleansed in the Blood, that flowed from the Lamb of God.

He’s paid for us the full price, by becoming for God a Sacrifice,

“It is finished”, our Lord said, then He was raised from the dead,

By God to offer men Eternal Life, in His Only Son, Jesus Christ,

The One and Only spotless Lamb, who is indeed the Great I Am.

(Copyright ©04/2010)

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