Don’t Be Left Not Knowing

The Word of God

You’ll never know until you do, ask The Lord to rescue you,

From a life of sin and shame, when you call upon His name;

You’ll never know God’s Love, until He reaches from above,

To lift you from the angry waves, as another soul He saves.

It’s Jesus Christ and only Him, who can rescue us from sin,

To alter your present destiny, through the Cross of Calvary;

A destiny that ends not here, but, in Heaven’s Atmosphere,

The place that only you can go, if The Lord, you truly know.

If Truth, you’ve never heard, just open up God’s Holy Word,

You’ll see with your own eyes, as Truth from the pages rise,

When you open up your heart, Truth God’s Spirit will impart,

To guide you in Truth you read, as you let God’s Spirit lead.

Truth alone will set you free, open your eyes and you’ll see,

What Truth, you may not know, The Scriptures clearly show,

God’s Truth is a sure foundation, of New Life and Salvation,

New Life provided by Grace, when Christ you truly embrace.

From God’s Truth you will know, as God helps you to grow,

That everything, in this life, is held together by Jesus Christ;

Don’t be left not knowing friend, about a life you can spend,

With The Lord Jesus Christ, in an eternity, know as Paradise.

(Copyright ©04/2010)

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