In Uncertain Times

With a heavy heart I’ve implored, help and direction from my Lord,

In this present time, very dark ahead, I look unto The Lord instead,

With so much present uncertainty, the future is not so clear to me,

So my God’s favor I will entreat, as His Love and Mercy is replete.

For me, it’s God who will provide, while in God’s Grace I do abide,

Grace sufficient for all His own, guiding believers from His Throne,

Always, our Lord, Christ Jesus, is the One, Who sustains all of us,

For God’s honor and His praise, as He leads us through our days.

These days, faith in Christ is a must, when in God I place my trust,

Who alone has the perfect plan, for each and every believing man;

His plan for me may not be clear, but as God’s child I needn’t fear,

As God’s plan is to prosper me, in ways, today that I may not see.

About those things I don’t know, to The Lord, my thoughts will go,

Reminding me of days gone by, when Christ led me from on High,

Through those times, dark as night, with God’s Word, as my Light,

Remembering times of the past, my present cares, to God I’ll cast.

And so with Him, Who changes not, God alone, Who casts my lot,

While on this path, I must take, I know, my God makes no mistake,

So I look not to man, but to Christ, Who is the Author of all my life,

And knowing Christ as my Lord, my heart, once again is reassured.

(Copyright ©03/2010)

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