On The Prowl

The Word of God

Satan is every Believer’s enemy, forever stalking both you and me,

Like a roaring lion on the prowl, seeking Believers, any way or how,

Seeking all those, he may devour, both night and day, at any hour,

As an enemy he seeks to destroy, a Believer’s inner peace and joy.

So we truly need to be on guard, for when he attacks, he hits hard,

The devil may be subtle to begin, but the enemy seeks only to win,

Wanting only to destroy our life, to take our mind off Jesus Christ,

And all his tactics he will repeat, as he attempts a Believer’s defeat.

Though we have victory in our Lord, by the devil, we’re not ignored,

When as the deceptive adversary, Satan leads us to fret and worry,

Even in the life of the best of us, in an attempt to destroy our trust,

That in the God of our salvation, through Satan’s subtle temptation.

Still lying just as he did to Eve, today, to those who in God believe,

But this should not be a surprise, as Satan is truly the father of lies.

At all times desirous for us to fall, all Believers, both big and small,

As he sends into the Believer’s life, his fiery arrows of wicked strife.

Although he’s the master of deceit, Children of God he can’t defeat,

For Christ, Who in us does abide, is greater than he, on the outside,

As the Children of God’s Family, we’re sealed by His Spirit eternally,

And God’s Word, that we herald, can frustrate the god of this world.

(Copyright ©12/2009)

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