A Choice To Make

Believers have a choice to make, when we believe, what to forsake,

Leaving behind things of the past, for those that shall eternally last.

Things that we once held up high, after the Cross, we need to deny,

Making choices for the sake of Him, Who saved us from all our sin.

If Jesus Christ is truly your choice, in God above you would rejoice,

As you leave worldly ways behind, moved by a new heart and mind,

And the Lord will never forsake you, as Christ makes your life anew,

Through the power from Calvary, with your mind now set on Eternity.

From some things we must turn away, no matter what others will say,

Believers are to live their life anew, as God directs all we say and do,

Such decisions aren’t made in haste, as life of old would be a waste,

For with renewed minds and hearts, from older ways, our life departs.

With new choices comes reward, when we make choices for our Lord,

Who made the choice of the cross, a choice made for all sinners lost,

His choice to become sin for man, was the door for us to God’s Plan,

God’s plan of Grace giving New Life, to all who come to Jesus Christ.

Reward for Believers begins here, as we live upon this earthly sphere,

Receiving a peace and joy inside, when worldly ways are truly denied,

And real reward lasting forevermore, when you enter Christ, The Door,

With the ultimate reward you receive, of Eternal Life when you believe.

(Copyright ©05/2009)

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