Assurance From God

The Nation Israel

The Lord with a promise to fulfill, would send His Eternal Son to Israel,

To save His people from their sin, when the baby Jesus would enter in,

Sending Him into that tiny nation, as Messiah delivering their salvation,

A prophecy from back in Paradise, pointing all people to Jesus Christ.

God’s perfect plan was prophesied, with the child found in virgin bride,

Whom the Holy Spirit conceived, that Mary and Joseph, both received,

When God assured Joseph that day, so that he did not put Mary away,

Then Joseph, being a righteous man, believed and obeyed God’s Plan.

And taking Mary home as his wife, he displayed a faithful obedient life,

Together they’d raise God’s Son, who would be the Savior of everyone.

And with Immanuel now with us, in God all peoples can place their trust,

To live a life of faith through Grace, this no matter what in life men face.

That little baby born in Bethlehem, would become the Savior of all men,

Growing up in the town of Nazareth, He would become God’s Ideal Gift.

Sent down to deliver not only the Jew, but all the believing Gentiles too,

And through our faith as we believe, God’s sustaining Grace we receive.

Now, given Joseph’s Faith illustration, when we accept God’s Salvation,

God gives assurance to each man, who walks in faith pursuing His plan,

So through faith accept Jesus Christ, to see what God does in your life,

Whether you’re a Gentile or Jew, display faith and see what God will do.

(Copyright ©12/2008)

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