In The Will of God

God's Sovereignty

We are part of God’s Sovereign Plan; every saved and willing man,

To reach the heart of every nation, with God’s Hope and Salvation.

Even when we don’t understand, the ways of God’s Guiding Hand,

Through the darkest of the night, we are used as His guiding light.

God’s guiding light to the world, with a message of Hope to herald,

The Lord wills in our life my friend, what shall bring His perfect end,

God guides us safely place to place, with His Mercy and His Grace.

Sustained for the Purpose of God, wherever God’s will has us trod.

As forgiven sinners to proclaim, His Salvation in our Savior’s Name,

As men begin to view our life, He turns their hearts to Jesus Christ.

By Christ Jesus, we are set apart, used by The Holy Spirit to impart,

The Gospel Message to everyone, drawing men to God’s Own Son,

Through our new life devoted to, The Lord who died for me and you.

The plan that God has for us, begins when in Him we place our trust,

Which all began way back in time; as an eternal part of God’s design.

As we live our lives in God’s Truth, we become for God, living proof,

That He who died and rose again, lives in the heart of believing men.

Moving sinners just like you and me, to focus their minds on eternity,

As the larger point of God’s plan, is Eternal Life for every single man,

To be redeemed by Christ our Lord, and to live with God forevermore.

(Copyright ©02/2007)

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