Highway of Peace

The Nation Israel

From the earth every eye will see, The Lord and King of All Eternity,

As The King of all kings and lords, comes back to earth with a sword.

The One, who died upon a cross, shall return to earth upon a horse,

Coming soon is God’s Only Son, returning back with His Holy ones.

He’s returning to redeem the land, to reclaim the nation of Abraham,

The Lord Jesus Christ shall fulfill, God’s covenant promises to Israel.

The Holy Land, Christ will restore, where there shall be war no more.

All of Israel will become assured, during the reign of Christ our Lord.

Christ will defeat every single foe, and all the nations then will know,

As all her enemies watch and see, Christ secure her land in victory.

Each single surrounding nation, will see the Hand of God’s Salvation.

They indeed will watch with awe, as they see all Israel’s enemies fall.

Christ shall begin a reign of peace; a reign for all which will not cease,

With a highway through Jerusalem, one to be built by God’s Own Son.

A highway from Egypt to Assyria, a highway to be traveled by all of us.

Egyptians and Assyrians will see God, upon this highway that they trod,

They shall both join with Israel, to be a blessing under Messiah’s Rule,

A blessing to all men of the earth, as they lift together Messiah’s worth.

Egypt shall be called God’s people, prospering under Messiah’s Rule.

Assyria shall be God’s handiwork, restored by God from all war’s murk.

Israel, God’s Blessed Inheritance, shall be resettled by His Deliverance.

Christ will then reign from Jerusalem, this over all nations not just some.

All authority shall be Christ’s alone, as Jesus rules from David’s Throne,

Peace to all nations shall be assured, to all who come to Christ as Lord.

(Copyright ©07/2006)

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