Real Peace

The Nation Israel

Groups of men try to broker peace, in that land of troubled seas,

Seas of people from every side; men that have no peace inside.

Religious men upon their knees, are not moved by human pleas,

Men’s pleas to stop the violence, wrapped in a false benevolence.

As terror reigns in their hearts, men end each day the way it starts.

Men’s terror reigns on every side, while the Truth of God is denied,

Much of men’s religious ignorance, continues fueling the violence,

People that have no respect for life, fill the land with war and strife.

Real peace will never play a part, with violence deep in their heart,

What these men do not understand, is who exactly owns the land.

They want the people of Abraham, to be removed from God’s land.

The men who possess the land, don’t even know The Son of Man,

Who came to show the Love of God, on the very ground they trod.

God had sent all men His Salvation, through the tiny Jewish nation.

That my friend was Jesus Christ, who offered up to all men His life.

Christ is coming back, Lord of all, and to redeem His nation Israel.

A peace is coming from The Lord, and by none shall it be ignored,

As Christ reigns as Prince of Peace, in a reign that shall not cease.

When He reigns in Jerusalem, He gives peace to all, not just some.

And His peace shall forever endure, for His peace is from The Lord.

(Copyright ©07/2006)

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