Corinthian Exhortation

The Word of God

Paul had exhorted the Corinthians, to tap the power they had within,

This to live every day of their life, through the Power of Jesus Christ.

He said to watch with extra vigilance, in their world full of decadence,

To watch as they lived their lives, with all eyes fixed on Jesus Christ.

He said, stand fast and persevere, while living new life in Holy Fear,

Leaning on their new found faith, while fully relying on God’s Grace.

To be brave as they live each day, walking boldly in the narrow way,

Following Christ in all of His ways, as they live their life full of praise.

He said be strong in The Spirit of God, being led by His staff and rod,

As they build the character of Christ, within the very being of their life.

And to be loving in all their ways, while continuing their lives of praise,

This through the love of the cross, as they would seek to win the lost.

Also be submissive to one another, always ready to help your brother,

Through the Spirit of Jesus Christ, who gave for all men, his very life.

To greet each other with a holy kiss; today would be somewhat amiss,

But the thought was to warmly greet, each and every brother you meet.

Today in our times, much like theirs, are often filled with worldly cares,

So Friend we too must live our life, with watchful eyes on Jesus Christ.

And we need to listen to Paul’s plea, and take his instruction seriously,

For in The Spirit Paul is talking to, today’s Christians, like me and you.

(Copyright ©05/2006)

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