For Unto Us

The Nation Israel

For unto us a child is born, the promise to all that God had sworn.

Christ Jesus was born to fulfill, God’s promise to all through Israel.

For unto us a Son is given, One through whom we are all forgiven.

Christ is God’s reconciliation to man, the heart of His eternal plan.

He is to be Wonderful Counselor, One that only God could assure.

Sent with God’s plan to fulfill, with His wonderful and wise counsel.

Christ shall reign as Mighty God, ruling the world with an Iron Rod.

While He comforts His very own, from His Mighty Eternal Throne.

The Everlasting Father He will be, as The God over all of Eternity.

The Father of every single nation; who come to Him for salvation.

Christ will reign as Prince of Peace, with a rule that will not cease.

An everlasting peace shall come, only through God’s Eternal Son.

As Son of David He was know, and shall be exalted to that throne.

And from that humble quiet birth, Christ will reign over all the earth.

Christ was the Messiah awaited for, to rule the world forevermore.

And He will rule just as He said, filling enemies with eternal dread.

Jesus is the name given Him, as He'll save His own from their sin.

The Lamb of God to every nation, that truly seeks God’s salvation.

Immanuel means God with us, and He is one whom you can trust.

Christ is Eternal God my friend, and He will be with you to the end.

(Copyright ©12/2005)

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