From That Child

The Nation Israel

The Christ Child born in Bethlehem, in Israel would bring to them,

Peace and Hope upon the earth, through our Lord’s special birth;

The virgin birth was God’s sign, that this baby was indeed divine,

And prophecies He would fulfill, through that tiny nation of Israel.

That Child would become a man, and carry out The Father’s Plan,

To save His people from their sin, all of those, who’d turn to Him.

The son given to Mary and Joseph, that carpenter from Nazareth,

Where it was even said by some, what good from it could come?

So that nation would then reject, The Savior sent for God’s Elect,

By turning away from God’s Will, as a whole, the Nation of Israel,

Ignoring what Isaiah prophesied, their Savior sent, they despised,

So The God of Israel would turn to, Gentiles such as me and you.

And that is where we are today, far from that baby laid in the hay,

Now seated at God’s Right Hand, His Salvation is for every land;

As believers throughout the world, are sent forth to be His herald,

Before He comes back to fulfill, God’s promises to chosen Israel.

When He’ll be sent back by God, to rule all earth with an Iron Rod,

As Christ reigns from Jerusalem, over all nations for a Millennium,

This after Christ returns in Majesty, and every eye in Israel will see,

The Lord and God of every nation, Israel’s long awaited Salvation.

(Copyright ©12/2009)

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