A Life of Intimacy

God's Sovereignty

There is an intimacy in this life, a special time for a man and wife.

Male and female were created, to be together, and not separated.

Woman leaves her father and mother, in this life to seek another.

The man shall leave his home, and with the woman be not alone.

Although families they will leave, together for life they shall cleave.

They are joined by God’s Son, and the two become united as one.

Together they begin a new life, with a faith placed in Jesus Christ.

For Christ is the foundation of, their new and enduring life of love.

Love that will carry them through, when their life is no longer new.

For true love will never grow old, and true love will never go cold.

In their life, the Love of God, will be with them wherever they trod.

The Shepherd will guide their home, and never will they be alone.

He will be present every day, to guide them safely along the way.

The marriage bed is undefiled, where they both conceive a child.

As together they raise a family, God will bless the two abundantly.

Drawn together by loving hearts, and only at death shall they part.

They’ll treasure intimacy ahead, facing days that they truly dread.

And as storms shake their house, they will cleave to their spouse.

They’ll go through storms of life, bonded together in Jesus Christ.

To end as they started this life, in a special union of man and wife.

(Copyright ©06/2005)

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