The Choice Now Is Yours

God's Sovereignty

God chose a time in which to come; He chose a time to send His Son.

To send His Son filled with Grace, He sent His Son to take our place.

God’s sinless Lamb sent to a tree, to die for the sins of you and me.

It was The Father’s chosen plan, to allow His Son to become a man.

He made the choice in Eternity past and on His Son the lot was cast.

God made the choice to set us free, by becoming a curse on a tree.

The choice was made for all men, who by God now stand condemned,

Condemned in sin, not one but all, this friend, was through Adam’s fall.

A choice made by one at a tree, that choice affected both you and me,

Eve made a choice to believe a lie, because of that all men must die.

In Paradise sin reared its head, and now all men are spiritually dead,

Now destined to Hell eternally, never again, The Light will they see.

You had no say in the choice at all, when that choice made man fall,

You made no choice to die friend, but, that is the destiny of all men.

It was not at all your decision that brought on the world evil derision,

The derision that has man opposed, to The God man needs to know.

One decision you do have friend, where in eternity you want to end.

You can choose to believe, or be like Eve and you can be deceived.

You can believe Christ died for you and friend you will be Born Anew,

Or choose to just scoff at The Lord and you will be eternally ignored.

(Copyright ©12/2004)

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