God's Chosen Ways

God's Sovereignty

God has chosen the foolish things to shame those who are perishing.

Just as God’s use of the cross is foolishness to those who are lost.

They’re wise in their own eyes but can’t see through Satan’s disguise.

Satan will use miraculous things, to deceive those who are perishing.

Christ’s cross is power, we rave, for all those who wish to be saved.

But, Satan has blinded the eyes of those men thought to be wise,

And he has also blinded their mind, so that Christ’s Truth is denied.

So the cross is nothing, my friend, to those who seek their own end.

However God is not mocked at all and one day all the wise will fall.

He’ll confuse the wisdom of the wise, and this will be their demise.

Their unwitting spiral into confusion, will lead to spiritual delusion.

They shall believe Satan’s big lie, that he is the god from on high.

His ways are not our ways friend, and this they shall see in the end.

God will bless all who are meek, who the world portrays to be weak,

All the ways of the wicked to date, The Lord will ultimately frustrate.

The humble will be raised by God; the proud His Son will then trod.

The meek will inherit the earth, filled with joy and eternal mirth.

The strong will not fair as well, as they are cast into eternal Hell.

All men who humbly followed Christ, they shall inherit Eternal Life.

While the arrogant fools will be, cast into outer darkness eternally.

(Copyright ©12/2004)

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