Come Unto Me

The Nation Israel

“Come unto me” said The Lord and abundant blessing will be poured.

Messiah appeared; they didn’t come, so judgment on them has begun.

By His own Christ was rejected, by the nation that God had selected,

Chosen to bless every nation, ultimately through Christ’s Salvation.

Judgment though was delayed, as provision for the nations was made.

Daniel said Messiah would be cutoff, and that friend, was at the cross.

The very cross that men had scorned was the set purpose of The Lord.

It was at this time and place that Christ initiated the Age of Grace.

The Age of Grace is God’s dispensation, for working in every nation.

God’s plan for the Jewish Nation is on hold during this dispensation,

As Christ’s own went into denial, God turned to reach the Gentile.

And today God’s Glorious Salvation, is open to every single nation.

Friend today, any man from any race can receive God’s Saving Grace.

Come to Him with a heavy heart and He will give you a brand new start.

Christ will meet you at any place, just turn to Him and seek His face.

Then once again from His throne, Christ will turn unto His very own.

That tiny nation loved by The Lord, ahead has a day of wrath in store.

Those who continue to reject The Lord, upon them His wrath will pour.

But many Jews will accept The Lord, and they friend will be restored.

Then Jew and Gentile, both in Christ, will together enter Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©11/2004)

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