Looking Forward To Tomorrow

The Word of God

Many things that demand our concern will shortly my friend be gone,

While in the fire they shall burn our life in Eternity shall go on.

The things upon this earth are fleeting, along with our earthly life,

And in the clouds at our meeting, Christ will end our earthly strife.

For the many things in this world are indeed very temporal my friend,

And in the message that we herald, we look eagerly towards the end.

We look beyond the present time and this world that we now live in,

For by God’s own design, the end is when our new life shall begin.

We live in hope this present day as we look forward towards tomorrow,

For this present world in many ways brings upon us all many sorrows.

And after the earth is purged of sin, by The Lord’s cleansing fire,

Then a new world will begin where righteousness will be man’s desire.

But for now we press forward longing for that Eternal City up above,

And by the hand of The Lord, we are guided by His Grace and Love.

Being only our temporal place the things on earth will one day cease,

So as we seek His loving face God fills our heart with Eternal Peace.

For The Grace of God has appeared to teach us how to live each day,

With a heart of reverent fear, as we live in this present wicked age.

As we wait for our Blessed Lord who redeemed every single one of us,

We can all rest assured that He will deliver us from this wickedness.

(Copyright ©07/2004)

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