Removing The Veil

The Nation Israel

All people are born with a spiritual veil that covers their face,

Left in its place this veil hides both God's Truth and His Grace.

God sent His Son to earth, with the intent to take this veil away,

But with hearts filled with pride, some have chose to let it remain.

Allowing it to remain and being veiled from God's Truth from above,

They are hindered from being filled with God's peace and His love.

This hindering veil falls off when one simply believes in The Lord,

This is an eternal truth from above that no man can afford to ignore.

Abraham, who was called God's friend, believed long before you and I,

By God's Grace alone he was not hindered, as God spoke from the sky.

He had no Bible to help him, but Abraham believed Him never the less,

So God smiled down upon him, and credited it to him as righteousness.

God chose to walk with Abraham, and started a nation through him,

But instead of following his example, many chose to continue in sin.

Because of their choice, God sent a veil over the face of the nation,

However, through this tiny nation, God sent His ultimate Salvation.

Now all people on earth will be blessed through this one tiny nation,

As salvation to all mankind, was His plan from the dawn of creation.

So accept God's Gift of Salvation through Christ, by believing today,

And that veil that has spiritually blinded you will simply fall away.

(Copyright ©04/2002)

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