Such A Great Salvation

The Nation Israel

After 430 years in Egypt, God did not forget His promise to Abraham,

And He sent Moses back to lead Israel into the Blessed Promised Land.

God's awesome power through His miracles was apparent from the start,

And for the sake of His people, God began to harden Pharaoh's heart.

From bondage in the land of Egypt, God delivered His entire nation,

But never did they stop complaining, to see God's arm of Salvation.

With Pharaoh's army in the sea, God's Salvation to the eye was clear,

But on the other side in safety, hearts were still gripped with fear.

When the spies went into the land their eyes of flesh could not see,

That this was the land God promised to Abraham through all Eternity.

And because their father Abraham did not display his faith like this,

When he heard God, he believed and was credited with righteousness.

Unbelief was the cause of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness,

For God used it to purge the next generation of such unrighteousness.

However, Joshua and Caleb believed God and Moses just like Abraham,

So God used these two men to lead all Israel into the Promised Land.

And Moses said a Prophet like himself would be raised up in the end,

The Prophet was Jesus Christ whether you believe it or not my friend.

The Church can look back on the fulfillment of this great revelation,

So how, my friend, can you turn your back on such a great Salvation?

(Copyright © 02/2003)

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