Better Promises

The Nation Israel

It is said that Judaism is the plant and Christianity is the blossom,

For God had made His promises to Israel with better ones to come.

God Himself spoke directly to Abraham through several revelations,

He started with one country but will be the father of many nations.

God spoke through Moses to one nation, Israel, as the chosen one,

But in these last days, He spoke to all through His One and Only Son.

God Himself confirmed His Covenant before the nation truly started,

Although He lived among His people, to Moses they were hardhearted.

Through Christ came a Better Covenant when the Church had its start,

For Christ Himself dwells in His people while living in their heart.

By Moses God instituted sacrifices that only covered His peoples sin,

Now that Jesus died on the cross, He completely cleanses from within.

God told Moses to build the tabernacle, but it was on shifting sands,

But now Christ reigns above in one built by God without human hands.

The High Priest God appointed was influenced by the Pharisees leaven,

Today this can't happen, for we have a sinless High Priest in Heaven.

God established Jerusalem, which many nations under foot have trod,

But we're waiting for the New Jerusalem whose builder Himself is God.

And we who were once excluded and could only sit afar and be enticed,

Share in God's Covenant through the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©10/2003)

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