A Clay Vessel

God's Sovereignty

The Lord has taken a vessel like me, and shaped it for an eternity.

An empty, cracked vessel like this, He has filled with Eternal Bliss.

All my sin, Christ has set apart, as God began a work in my heart.

He cleansed me first of all my sin, then He started a change within.

I am molded by God’s loving hand, in ways I may not understand.

God’s the potter and I’m the clay, to be molded in His perfect way.

Who am I to even think or say, in suggesting to God a better way?

For God lifted me out of the mire, to shape my life per His desire.

We are created for God’s pleasure, as part of His Eternal treasure.

We are given a New Life to glorify, Jesus Christ, who lives on high.

We’re here to serve The Living God, on this temporal earth we trod.

Friend, in this life, I can not ill afford, to question the will of my Lord.

God has my life under His control, along with every other living soul.

I’m just a tiny part of God’s plan, to bring His Salvation to every man.

And I am blessed as God uses me, in pointing other men to eternity.

To the cross of His Son Jesus Christ, the eternal author of every life.

God knows the plans He has for me, sure plans for future prosperity.

It may not seem to be of worth, compared to the values of this earth.

But as a part of God’s pleasure, He’s storing for me eternal treasure.

So one thing that I can surely say; I am so blessed to be God’s Clay.

(Copyright ©01/2006)

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