Daniel’s Mysteries

God's Sovereignty

Friend, for this ever changing world, the Book of Daniel was unfurled.

Saying men will be run to and fro, in search of Truth for them to know.

Knowledge will increase my friend, and this will continue until the end.

God said close the book until the end, and that time is now, my friend.

Many in the end will be purified, by Christ who on the cross had died.

The wicked will continue their stand, and in the end won’t understand.

But all the wise shall understand, and will reign with The Son of Man.

Daniel saw a vision of the world, this is the prophecy he would herald.

Daniel saw an image of a beast; four kingdoms from greatest to least.

On the image was a head of gold, concerning the head Daniel was told,

Of these kingdoms the greatest one, would be the kingdom of Babylon.

Silver were the arms and chest, and so this is what Daniel would attest,

The second kingdom built-up by men, would become the Medo-Persian.

Bronze made up the belly and thighs; this is what Daniel did describe,

The third kingdom that would cease, was the empire known as Greece.

Then legs of iron and feet of clay, this would describe man’s final way,

This was the Roman Empire described, that will be revived in our time.

There will be a time of tribulation, experienced by every single nation.

Armies will invade the Holy Land, while most men will not understand.

That is when the Promised Land, shall see returning The Son of Man.

Daniel then saw a rock from the sky, cut out of a mountain up on high,

One not cut by human hands, but sent by God to crush wicked lands.

This rock my friend is Jesus Christ, the very Creator of all human life.

He will establish His Kingdom friend, upon this earth that will not end.

(Copyright ©07/2005)

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