Come over my love
Where no eyes see how we move
Except the 'Dieu' only who will cast our hearts
Together with His command of be-in meet
Like metals of various genes melt together
To become single entity when they gather
Which could not be separated with whatever force


Come over my love
To where bamboo trees hug over spring
That allows comfort to sit with growing
Of breeze
Which enable mind of forest to be at peace
There we will be in the shelter of nature



Come over my love
To where red hibiscuses reproduce their halves
That would define the best of season
Which its outing be their reason
There we will see the germs of their beauties
Which will best analyse your own beauty



Come over my love
To a grape-vine where the raw fruits are living
That would quench our gasp panting
There everything will be at our disposal in multitude
And you will be in-charge of their servitude



Come over my love
To where soil is available
That will grow our maize
Which will prepare our break flakes



Come over my love
To the plantation of sunflowers
Where butterflies zoom and make as home
There we will play with them
And catch so much funs
Where you will know the heart's truthiness



Come over my love
Let me give you water of life
That you will drink to forever live
And you will never be alone
Forever in your life loan

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