The Shadow that I could not Trust

Yes, don't ask me why or what transpires?
I just can't trust this shadow anymore
Although it follows when I take a step
But it seems it could not win me a sleep

When it lies beside me on my sleeping mat
Against what I expected from my gasping heart
Although what I actually want it could not provide it
But atleast it should have been of help somehow
Which could have shaded my brow anyhow

But its adamancy walk-slept me during my journey
Where I visited another realm building with silver like paradise dome-bay
Where trees grow sweetened fruits beyond what I could take in here
I could not fail to talk about streams flowing white-milk
Which I wanted to drink but this shadow threw itself over it that made it dark

What about that beautiful lad that wove me towards?
That the same unforgiven shadow scared away with its tally-charm
That appeared like 'Igunnu' masqurade dancing shamelessly towards doom

Had I known you would not allow to enjoy that adventure
I would have left you behind with vulture
As you make me regret bringing you along to that venture

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A bad leader like a scary shadow

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