Sun in the Dusk

Who is the man that could believe this?
If not that ending time will arrive soon
Everyone should think: the evening is now set in the morning

As planted carrots now grow bitter-nut
Even if all-man thinks, they enjoy this mumbo-jumbo life
So when in the grey-noon, that seed might
turn gray

Like property in the cruelty of inferno
Could any man tell the meaning of this world?

If response would not be a sham of saint
What everyone wants in this earth?
Was it not crossroad leading to x-junction?

Apparently, everyman needs comfort, however wealth and power
Have seized the regime of that desire and aspiritation
Both governors are power-sweepers,ruling with rage and absoluteness

Who thinks there's any night which calm could take over the sky?
If not horrendous scream would grab the day
As agent uptightens heinous criminal

There's water flowing around and away around
Gripping and whizzing to visit every lands
With pretty flown image all around the landscape
Like flying kite far off into the sky
Despite that, world still guarantees its firmness

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