Why Africa why Africa?
Why the land stains with red-fluid
Like the war cloth on the body of the soil

That the grasses refuse to stay in unity
As the winds scattering it into pieces
Like matrimonial home disorderliness

That the cool air blows the trench of heat
And the favour of sky remits nothing
Like a soil without absorbent portent

Why Africa why Africa
That the expecting glory becomes din of doom
That tasty tongue becomes sour
In the mouth of young ones

Why Africa why Africa, why
The children bath the corpses of mothers
With flood of tears shedding
And that of fathers with fading glory
That millions mile walk before smattering

That all golds of land rear impotence
That every villages settled like boiling water

Why Africa why Africa, why
There’re scared sapient every night
And the morning turns black
The simple tone sounds so heavy
Like leads on the hand of children

Why Africa why Afric

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