Which orated the pity viciously the mind of her offsprings

like wicked mother backs 'jojolo' leg upside

the happy hours seduces the lives of innocentees

causing through the national pent seekers

who intends to gain grains oaf generals' farm

with his minds and souls like cursed HITLER

He could not sleep nor dossing but tearing unity with nail's finger

when the country sings the song

all the featherless birds apologise to the sky

to help them curtail the greedy waving of the tsunami

that hit the mountaneous world with his lightful whirling

like paper play with sea-water

when the country sings a song

the monotone uses will make live no meaning

as the errant dogs have hunted all the conserved games

and no cities across the daring land speak bombom

like thunder-strike passes around clayed groove

the world pills have adversely reacted with faked formulation

the words kill world with smear-sty building by foreign knights

domiciling in the land of other's land with riotic demography

the terms given by Heaven-Artist for remembrance

become thing of violence in akin to manner it plays

the wild-waves flowpour like floody drainage

the desire to peace is marred by evil appearance of hearts

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