the earth mottles like melting firecoal

the sky races beneath the feet of eagle

no man safe,non escapes,except reign

of diseases that darken the cloud of sun

the modern tool that displace traditional ridge

is a shelter of nation's opportunities,they

carry all values,leave the season of misfortune

everyman has everything,but no has anything

there were heavy-booted smiling people

with their smiling faces resist by their appearance

the thirst of power darkens the eyes of decent

only the ill-attitude ones behave like Nelson

the money bags increase their values,empty-purses

derailed with their condition,the country's custom

only meant for creams,not for driants,who-

cannot express their meaning in the land

there are many ventilated complainants and plaintful,waiting

to hear back their voices without trust their innocencies

as no fair-tale,no equity as the respondants and defendants booed their dignity

who dare man legislates and who dare execue?

As both on the path to behave-like one

like twins has unidentifiable appearance

as there's no truth anywhere in the world

the opposite now the pinnacle of treaties

never imprison the man who tell lies

it's an inheritance of today

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