there will no time that the sunshine would set

as they chased around the bushes with their fangs

they seems too hard to vampire the neighbours

their acutic ideas contride the safety night

misruling,injustices intimidating the belief of minnows

there were cries,sorrows and mishaps generate the price of trust

there could be no mean word that could reassuring

the fences of the nation

literally,their moon would not ready to torch the earth

where would retards learn the system?

The system that would wake-up the call

the call that would impulse the revolutionary

they may try to continue to skin off our soul like cows

suffering from leathers dealers,we could not sit anymore like toothless dog

our voice must to hear louder like steam engine

we tire of unglorious reward brought by printing papers and inks

the deceiving box just white but not wit

because it's like mirage thinking to be water by thirters

the hidden place that cage the free bird

now weaken and could no way be of any exploiting anymore

the moon has scattered like stars and could no longer light their corridor

the tightier soul had been released from diseases

no fear,no more timid to rise above and dare the devil

and no to lift the lamp to see the beasts' bares

ready to fight,ready to claim the throne for the rightful heir

no more rules for cannibals intending to smear our flesh

how long would we wait to feel our scent?

Or how can we get it right?

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