Dear Country, come back and claim it back
The throne that was seized by turbulence
Come back to the west and reclaim it
Go to the south and claim it back
Lead way to the North and take it back
Pass through the east and win it back

We have weapons to dethrone that sitting monster
...That's trying to piece us apart
Although we have different tongues but one destiny weaves us together
We live in separate axes but under one roof
We may have many bodies but one soul
We may have multiples race but one ace

My country men and women let's rise from our deeper sleep
To rescue this drowning sea from capsizeness
Let's wake our legends and heroes from their deeper death
Those who shed their bloods to appease enslavement
Those who raise their voices that cruised freedom
Those who wore courages that cast golden statues
Those lay down their lives for standing of this scrapping wall
And those who spat into the eyes for selfish masters

My country men, let's wake up and disuse the doses of adversary
This mother needs me and you to stop shedding the tear of innocence
My country men and women,your mother needs you
As much as the day needs the sun
Do rise and answer her crying for help

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