Who says this house has fallen?
I doubt it, as i see it still like mountain against hill
I can see the brilliant surveyors use new ideas
I can see the professional architects designing the latest sketches
I can see the engineers building the new structure

I can see the foundation laying with sandy stones
I can see the tireless bricklayers holding the building-knives
...I can see the labourers carrying plates on the heads
I can see the welders weldering the metals
I can see the carpenters hammering the nails

I can see the painters ready to paint it to a best look

Who says this house has fallen?

No, this house still stands
As i can see the proffs ready to breed the best brains
I can see the students ready to be the full-moons

I can see the youths ready for great changes

So who says this house fallen?
I can see tribes ready to eat in a plate
I can see the regions ready to sit in a stool
I can see the faiths ready to think alike

So who says this has fallen?
Never, This house still stands

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