i could not believe the rain could cast its shadow on you

whe the death visited your generous soul

and snatching your body away from our cuddle hands

we could not sleep,we couldn't eat

not even ready to ease

because seems to the whole life was nothing like unfertiled lands

what to call your firm heart that speaks not but stiff like doll

the love seems to finish since your presence was absence

who to call when our brains get rust

because your cherished heart glorifies our duly upstair

how can we do without your posturity set the sun around

the conductor that fixes our light directed by your witty

do we know any mother else? we would never bother

but you are the only so we must bother like volatile border

the death is unblamed,because we could place whole of him

the death is neither wicked nor callous 'cos bearing his divine name

Ajoke aro,the daughter of offa-majo

when we heard the call that take you away

it's a faint of our wrists,we could pace but not the reason

a simple being that affects the life of name with greatness

a woman of substances,a dreams of all ages woman

a meaning woman with honour and integrity

who loved neighbour more than her soul

your vigour,rigour compare not with any on earth

if seems to come again i would again swell your womb

but quite unfortunate we come and die once

but i would cup my hands to have a lady of your worth

so sleep peacefully and rest well

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