There's elm,i thought it was a fish voice

like gentle hiss making by snake

so hushful like it on that voice

When it falls like a cockroach's muttering

or like disgressing unknownly grumble

where is my metal,a valuable coin

i search through my heart for questions

perhaps there's response somewhere?

From what must i think?

Just light in weight but overweighing scale

am i to say sorry or giving apology? Because

It's a must to find by the whole world

Else,there won't any safe man on earth again

where is the eagle with its brighter and sharpen eyes?

As i guess can look for it from the heaven

or somebody should tell horse to find it from an ocean

or can a diver show its skill?

May be i could seek the world to sheath the swords

so as to find the glory coin

Author's Notes/Comments: 

plant the peace and harvest prosperity, peace is a lost coin that must to be recovered

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