When It Started like adventure of Astronaut
Who met cloudies beefing their security with darknesses
So as to berate and encamp him in its debris

The earth could not help but to laugh at man
Who seeing its nudeness when his eyes closed
Even the dust that could easily sprinkle beset
With its whirling and giggling like skyscrapper

The world could also not help but to sting the soul with its venom
Who dare the man who can embark upon this journey?
Where cactuses grow all around places with no shave haven

Life is a journey of mystery
Where one man a beast,another prey
Even world is no happy place but place of taboo
Where most things are forbidden while little are permitted
Where man restricted where he destined to live
Even though hardly for him to hatch his creature
From shell divinely created with his realm

So short the life,never long the live

Author's Notes/Comments: 

life a journey of illusion

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